Best Subreddits for Freelancers to Help Grow Your Business

With well over 2.5 million subreddits and over 50 million daily users, Reddit is by far the biggest collection of online communities in the world.

As a freelancer, this makes it a potential goldmine of information – and even work opportunities. The only problem is separating the good subreddits from the bad.

I’ve sorted through dozens of subreddits related to the world of freelancing to save you time – read on to discover the top subreddits for freelancers!

General Freelance Subreddits


The go-to freelance subreddit for all high-level freelance inquiries and conversations. Whether you’re already a freelancer or want to find out about life as one, this is the place for you.


If you want to combine freelancing with traveling to beautiful places or living in one of the best countries for freelancers, digital nomadism may be your calling. This sub is full of location reports, posts requesting and dishing out advice, and plenty of envy-inducing photos.


Not specific to freelancing, but generally making money online. Find information on remote work, online jobs, side hustle ideas, and other strategies to generate either full or side income via various online channels.


Not strictly for freelancers, remote work can encompass freelance roles but also traditional full-time roles that are simply carried out on a remote basis. You’ll find a combination of advice, opinions, and even some job offers here.


Entrepreneurship isn’t strictly equal to freelancing, but at the end of the day you’re running a business (maybe solopreneur is more accurate). This means that there’s plenty of knowledge you can take and adapt from this subreddit for your freelance business, both when it comes to ideas and execution.

Subreddits to find Freelance Jobs


A place to either offer your freelance services or find services posted by others. With over 250K people subscribed there’s a huge potential audience to discover – it’s entirely possible to kickstart a freelance career with clients found here.


As the name implies, this shouldn’t be your top pick if you’re looking for adequately-paid work, but if you’re a complete beginner or simply in a pinch and could do with some fast cash, it can come in handy. Of course, the same goes if you’re low on cash and need some cheap work done (but don’t expect the resulting work to blow you away).

Interestingly enough, /r/slavelabour has over 200k users – almost as many as the most popular hiring subreddit /r/forhire. Maybe everyone really is a sucker for a good deal.


It’s in the name – you can get paid in bitcoin (or some other cryptos) in exchange for the various jobs posted here. Quite a few of the available jobs are crypto-related, but there are a surprising amount of interesting non-crypto jobs to be had, too.

If you already own some cryptocurrency, you’ll know how quick and easy it is to receive a payment. If not, you can check out our cryptocurrency for freelancers for a deep dive on how you can benefit from using crypto as a freelancer.

I’ve also previously covered some other websites that pay in cryptocurrency for freelance work.


The /r/jobbit subreddit is for offering and finding jobs or gigs, although it’s mainly intended for programming (or closely related) tasks. However, it has only about 10% of the amount of users as /r/forhire, so you’re better off posting there (or cross-posting) if you want your offer in front of as many eyes as possible.


This is essentially /r/forhire, but intended solely for freelancers offers. Unfortunately it’s not the most active subreddit, but with 20k subscribers it could still be worth your time.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but it should give you a good jump-start in finding some of the internet’s best online freelance communities.

It’s well worth finding some other subreddits that are more closely related to your specific niche. For instance, as a marketer, I enjoy browsing marketing-related subreddits such as /r/content_marketing or /r/BigSEO. The amount of high-quality crowdsourced information that’s available on Reddit can be pretty remarkable.

Once you’ve found one or two, you can also try out this useful tool for finding related subreddits – it’s likely to save you some time!