4 Best Freelance Websites That Pay in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

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Getting paid in cryptocurrency is far from the norm, but as the technology becomes more commonplace it’s gradually becoming more accepted (and desired). However, finding a freelance platform with clients that actually pay in crypto is a challenge.

Since the most popular freelance portals don’t currently offer payment in crypto as an option, I’ve put together a list of the top 4 websites that pay freelancers in various forms of cryptocurrency. Scroll down to see which they are, which cryptocurrencies they pay in, and if they charge any fees in the process.

Top 4 Freelance Websites Paying in Bitcoin

Gitcoin – For Freelancers With a Software Development Focus

Cryptocurrencies Supported BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and several more
Membership CostFree
Prosβ€’ Support for numerous cryptocurrencies
β€’ Fantastic place to find work in crypto and Web3 projects
Consβ€’ Not many tasks if you’re not a software developer/engineer

Gitcoin is built on top of GitHub, linking right into your existing account – the first indication that Gitcoin is aimed at tech professionals. You can find so-called “Bounties” on Gitcoin for various job types, although the primary focus is on software development. I did spot some posts for writing blog posts and other miscellaneous tasks, but these were few and far between.

I was particularly impressed by the support for numerous cryptocurrencies (and some fiat options). If you’re more technically skilled then this is the place I’d recommend for you given the existing community and credibility behind it.

LaborX – The Best UI and General Functionality

FeesAs low as 10% for Freelancers and 0% for Customers (reduced fees for Premium users)
Cryptocurrencies SupportedBTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, and various other cryptos
Membership CostFree (with perks for Premium users)
Prosβ€’ Slick UI with an easy portfolio and task overview
β€’ Supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks and several coins
Consβ€’ Fees are on the higher end

From all the crypto freelance platforms I’ve seen, LaborX has the best UI and general functionality. As a freelancer, you get an easy overview of what a given assignment entails, how much it pays, and can even see past reviews of the job-giver. You can also set up your profile with your expected rate, skills, and general history of your work and bio overall.

There’s a decent mix of tasks available. I spotted several marketing-related jobs, some writing tasks, but the bulk is quite technical. If you’re looking for blockchain programming work or are able to set up trading bots, LaborX should keep you busy.

The main downside is the high fee cut relative to other platforms on this list. However, compared to centralized job boards they’re still lower, and if you happen to do well on the platform you can further reduce your fees by becoming a Premium member.

CryptoTask – Strong Escrow Mechanism and Varied Jobs

Fees 3% maximum
Cryptocurrencies SupportedBTC, USDT, USDC, DAI plus various other stablecoins
Membership CostFree
Prosβ€’ Escrow and dispute mechanism
β€’ Slick interface
Consβ€’ Jobs aren’t posted as frequently as on other platforms listed

In many ways, CryptoTask is similar to LaborX. It has a simple but pleasant user interface for an easy overview of all relevant details, and a simple application process for freelancers. Freelancers can also create a profile with information on their experience, past projects, and feedback from completed gigs.

Tasks are a little more varied than I saw on LaborX, although my main gripe is that CryptoTask has the lowest inflow of new assignments on this list. However, the development team is active from what I’ve seen online, so this is something I hope to see grow as word continues to spread.

/r/Jobs4Bitcoins/ – Active Subreddit with Frequent Posts

Cryptocurrencies SupportedBTC
Membership CostFree
Prosβ€’ Good variety of jobs
β€’ Frequent new posts
Consβ€’ Escrow is only available through trusted community members

Reddit isn’t host to traditional job boards by any means, but the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit is a surprisingly good source of freelance jobs that pay in crypto. Titles make it easy to get a quick overview of what each job is about, and due to Reddit’s massive audience there’s a frequent amount of fresh posts. It also has perhaps the most variety of all the platforms posted on this list. You can even post yourself up for hire, although you’ll need a Reddit account that’s older than a month and with an undisclosed amount of Karma (Reddit’s points system).

The downside of this subreddit compared to other websites on this list is the trust you have to place in the system the community has created. Payments of over $75 are held in escrow by a trusted community member, rather than a smart contract or the platform itself, although this seems to work well enough.

Honorable Mention

/r/moonjobs subreddit

Like /r/Jobs4Bitcoins, /r/moonjobs also hosts jobs that pay out in cryptocurrency. The difference is that the jobs are often far less professional in nature (sometimes quite the opposite), many of the posts aren’t vetted overall, and payouts are only made in Reddit “moons” (a Reddit native crypto). If any of this sounds interesting to you, it might be worth a look, but it’s not a place where you’re likely to find any serious or ongoing assignments.

FAQ – Best Freelance Websites That Pay in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

Do I have to pay taxes on my cryptocurrency earnings?

Most likely, yes. However, there are a few countries around the world where cryptocurrencies aren’t taxed at all or at minimal rates. There are also some countries where earning in cryptocurrency would essentially be double-taxed due to counting as both income and earnings from an investment. Be sure to speak to an accountant or tax advisor if you’re uncertain about this before proceeding.

Where can I earn cryptocurrency online?

Besides the freelance platforms listed above, there are a few platforms where you can quickly earn additional cryptocurrency. There are also numerous DeFi platforms where you can leverage your existing cryptocurrency to earn yield (interest), although of course this involves more risk (though the level of risk varies a lot between projects).