Fiverr Fee Calculator

See how much Fiverr will take in fees – and how much you should ask your client for to get the amount you want after fees.

Fiverr Fee

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The amounts are calculated based on Fiverr taking 20% of seller service fees.

FAQs – Fiverr Fee Calculator

How do I use the Fiverr fee calculator?

Enter your invoice total and we’ll show you exactly how much Fiverr will deduct in service fees. Even more useful, we’ll show you how much to ask for so you get your intended amount after fees.

What fee does Fiverr charge?

Fiverr takes a pretty hefty 20% of service fees from sellers on the platform.

Which fee calculators are available on LibertyLancer?

Apart from Fiverr, we also have a Stripe fee calculator and a PayPal invoice fee calculator – and we’re in the process of building even more!