Best Client Gifts – A Freelancer’s Guide

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Whether you’re a freelancer looking for the best client gifts, or a small business owner considering whether you should give any gifts at all, it can be a more difficult topic to consider than you might think.

We’ve put together a simple freelancer’s guide for the best client and professional gifts and some general etiquette on why, when, and how to give your freelance clients, vendors, employees, and various other partners gifts!

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Best Gifts Ideas for Your Freelance Clients

A thoughtful and personalized gift can lead to stronger and more successful business relationships. Bear in mind that forward-thinking business owners and companies will expect the gift to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

When choosing the most appropriate gift for the recipient, your relationship, and your budget, consider the purpose behind the gift and the message you want it to convey.

Below, you’ll find the best gift ideas for your freelance clients with which you can’t go wrong!

Books – A Gift of Knowledge

A book is always a good idea for book lovers and business owners who thrive on knowledge!

If the receiver of your gift is a business owner themselves, mindset and productivity books or simply well-reviewed books covering their industry could be a good idea. If they’re a freelancer, you can take a look at the best books for freelancers to see if there’s something that might be interesting to them.

Gift Cards – Freedom to Choose

Gift cards for online retailers can be a great idea since they allow recipients to choose their own gifts (which can be especially good if you’re not quite sure what to get them!). However, before buying a gift card, be sure to choose something that the recipient can actually use and check that your recipient will be able to utilize it in their state or country.

A good range for a gift card is somewhere between $20-100 with a personalized note or card, but this also depends on the size of your client and your relationship with them.

Amazon can be great for getting your freelance client or business partner a gift card, since they offer a big selection of goods and services and are available in many countries. They’re easy to buy and instantly available!

You can also add a personal message and send it to them digitally, send a physical gift card with unique designs and packaging, or even print it at home and deliver it by yourself if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Additionally, Amazon gift cards have no fees nor an expiration date.

Digital Products – Eco-Friendly & Creative

Apart from gift cards, there are plenty of other great digital gifts for a freelance client, vendor, or business partner, including:

  • Software or resource subscriptions (i.e. tools of the trade),
  • Entertainment service subscriptions (i.e. Netflix, Spotify, etc.), 
  • Digital event tickets (i.e. sports games, a concert, a performance, theater, etc.),
  • Flight gift card (i.e. a voucher valid for any flight booking), 
  • Travel gift voucher (i.e. for accommodation, journey bookings, dining, spa treatments, etc.),
  • Donation to a charity on their behalf (consider this one carefully, it might not be for everyone),
  • Private virtual lessons or courses (i.e. cooking, music, or various other topics they may be interested in),
  • Uncommon experiences (i.e. virtual wine tasting, music classes, etc.).

Our Favorites – Top Freelance Client Gifts

We’ve put together a few client gift ideas below that we’ve gifted in the past with positive results.

  • Gift hampers are an amazing way to sweeten somebody’s day, put a smile on their face, and make them feel appreciated.
  • Long-lasting & fast-charging powerbanks are always a great gift for active people who like to travel, like digital nomads, fellow freelancers, or business owners who have a lot on their minds and always need their devices charged.
  • Practical (home) office gadgets such as mouse or desk mats can be a nice way to add convenience and some customization to someone’s workspace.

Best Gift Hampers

Sweet Pastry Signature Dulcet Gift Basket

  • Flavor: Raspberry, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate
  • Inside: 4 various whoopie pies (chocolate, lemon, and red velvet), 2lbs. mixed rugelach (apricot, chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, and/or raspberry)
  • Allergen information: Dairy
  • Extra: Personalized message
  • Packaging: Elegant
  • RRP: $65

Bonnie and Pop Healthy Nut Gift Basket

  • Flavor: Sweet, savory, honey glazed, spicy, salt & pepper
  • Inside: Cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, oriental mix, pecans, cranberries
  • Ingredients: Organic and healthy
  • Allergen information: Brazil nuts
  • Extra: Personalized message
  • Packaging: reusable, rustic wood
  • RRP: $50

Best Powerbanks

Anker Portable Charger PowerCore

  • Connector type: USB Type C
  • Battery capacity: 10000 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging: High-speed
  • Compatibility: Any device that charges from a USB port
  • Dual-device output: 4.8 amps
  • RRP: $40

Anker Power Bank, Magnetic Battery For iPhone Only

  • Connector type: USB Type C
  • Battery capacity: 5000 milliamp hours
  • Compatibility: iPhone
  • Built-in: Foldable kickstand and magnet which securely snaps the phone into place
  • Warranty: 24-months
  • RRP: $60

Best Desk Mats for (Home) Office

Cacoy Desk Pad Protector

  • Size: 12 different sizes available
  • Colors: Black, brown, grey
  • Material: Faux PU leather
  • Surface: Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Double-sided
  • Stitched edges
  • RRP: $30

Wolaile PU Leather Desk Mat

  • Size: 36×17 inches
  • Colors:
  • Material: Faux leather, paper, suede
  • Surface: Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Bottom: Anti-slip suede
  • RRP: $30

Top Benefits of Giving Your Freelance Clients Gifts

As a freelancer, digital nomad, or online business owner, most of your interactions with your important clients are virtual.

Professional client gifts are a great way to let your freelance clients know that you appreciate them and their business!

Explore the main benefits of professional gift-giving:

✅ To show your gratitude
✅ To express that you value the business relationship and commitment
✅ To generate a positive impression
✅ To open up new channels of communication
✅ To set the right tone for future communications and collaborations
✅ To strengthen your business relationship
✅ To improve engagement, loyalty, and commitment
✅ To encourage your existing clients to continue doing business with you
✅ To establish you as a valued business partner
✅ To encourage your clients to have an emotional connection to your brand
✅ To raise your reputation

When Should You Give Your Freelance Clients Gifts?

Giving gifts to your freelance clients doesn’t have to correspond to a particular time of year, but can be a year-round thing – not just for the holiday season.

➡️ On special occasions and holidays
➡️ To onboard a new client or employee, i.e. welcome gifts
➡️ For the end of a working relationship, as a gesture of gratitude to keep the door open
➡️ For anniversaries, i.e. for time spent as a client or employee
➡️ To celebrate your business milestones and achievements, i.e. anniversaries, awards
➡️ To celebrate personal milestones, i.e. the addition of a new family member
➡️ When hitting company/employee performance goals
➡️ During corporate and customer-centered events
➡️ To win back past clients who may have slipped through the cracks

Gift Giving Best Practices for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Gifts for your freelance clients, vendors, employees, prospects, service providers, and business partners don’t have to be grand or lavish.

Professional gifts can be as simple as sending a gift basket to welcome, congratulate, or appreciate your new client or vendor, or sending your employee or subcontractor a gift card with funds to spend on their birthday.

A great client gift will be memorable, tasteful, and appropriate, including its price.

Although gift-giving certainly isn’t the most difficult part of running your freelance business, it’s still important to cover your bases and do it smartly.

Below are the most crucial dos and don’ts when giving your freelance clients gifts.

✔️ DO keep it small and tastefulDON’T give intimate (or too personal) gifts
✔️ DO give suitable gifts for your client’s interests or expectationsDON’T offer gifts of disproportionately high value
✔️ DO keep in mind that your gift is representative of your businessDON’T give extravagant gifts
✔️ DO customize your giftDON’T make it too promotional
✔️ DO send the gift with a handwritten card/noteDON’T forget to personalize
✔️ DO ensure messaging is holiday-neutral and culture-appropriateDON’T give low-quality gifts
✔️ DO send a quality gift & have it nicely wrappedDON’T forget your common sense

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FAQs – Best Gifts Ideas for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

What is a professional gift?

Professional gifting is the practice of giving your clients, vendors, employees, and partners gifts to show your gratitude, express appreciation, and create, maintain and strengthen the relationship and connection. It’s a great way to build engagement and overall loyalty towards your brand or services. Find out more about the top benefits of giving your freelance clients gifts!

What is a good gift to give a client?

A good gift for your business clients and partners can be a physical item such as a practical business-related gadget, an edible treat, a personalized commodity, a digital product, a gift card, or an experience. Discover the best freelance client gifts!

How much should I spend on a client gift?

It depends on what kind of freelance business you’re running, what you can afford, what your client relationship is, or how much your client contributed to your business this year. If you’re still not sure – 20$ is a good starting point! Read about gift-giving best practices for freelancers and small business owners.